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Designer Jewelry and Precious Stones by Catherina located in Powell, Ohio

A piece of jewelry from designer Catherina Bishopp is a work of art.  Her dazzling pieces use precious stones and metals to create a unnique look. Adorn yourself with elegant jewelry at an affordable price.

Prices points for everyone - take a look at the versatile and beautiful pieces we have to offer.

Learn more about the experience and training of Catherina Bishopp. Her beautiful designs are a reflection of her extensive travels around the world.

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About Us

Enhance your look with the designer jewelry featuring precious stones from Jewelry by Catherina in Powell, Ohio. As an art form, jewelry has the power to create moods, provoke opinions, and produce reactions. This is the philosophy that jewelry designer Catherina Bishopp follows in creating and developing her own unique collection of jewelry using precious stones and metals.

Catherina makes regular trips to New York City to get the exact stones and customize the jewelry personally for the customer. She makes every piece herself.  We donate some of our pieces to charity and can sell pieces at fundraisers. Our business donates 10% to 30% of the proceeds from these sales back to the charity.

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